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Listed below are the names of the British servicemen and civilians who lost their lives during the Falklands War. Please note that the names are not listed in order of rank, but in alphabetical order.

Of the 28,000 British airmen, sailors and soldiers who sailed south in May of 1982, 253 did not return. A total of 255 British men and women were killed during the Falklands War. Sources state that there were 123 British Army personnel, 88 Royal Navy, 10 Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 15 Merchant Navy, 25 Royal Marines, 1 RAF, and 3 women civilian casualties. The most senior rank killed was Lieutenant Colonel Jones VC who was killed while leading his troops at the Battle of Goose Green.

A total of 777 personnel were wounded during the war of which 581 were evacuated to the hospital ship Uganda, 569 were evacuated to the United Kingdom through Montevideo. The number of British causalities killed, was less than in the Korean War, Malaya and Northern Ireland until 1982, but more than in Cyprus, Aden and Borneo. The 3rd Parachute Battalion suffered the most losses for a single unit lost with 23 killed during the Battle of Mount Longdon and two days of shelling.

Most of the dead were returned to Britain after the war had ended. This was the first time ever that the British Government had returned the remains of service personnel killed over seas. Until the Falklands War all remains of British servicemen killed overseas remained in whatever far off country they had fallen. 23 bodies did remain in the Falklands and are buried at the " Blue Beach" Military Cemetery at San Carlos not far from where 3rd Commando Brigade had its headquarters until the breakout. Many of the bodies of the men who died at sea were never found and the ships on which they served and died on have became their everlasting and official memorial.